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Princeton Chiropractic Clinic Patient Education

Princeton Chiropractic Clinic has included patient forms for your convenience. Having proper documents filled out ahead of time for new patients allows to treat you quicker!


We also listed frequently asked questions. They give you a good idea of what type of practice we are running. Please take the time to read what has been asked and how we answered the questions. Contact us if you have any other questions.

We hope not, but life happens. We've all taken falls, lifted something improperly, or maybe tried an athletic feat that has passed us by. If something like that occurs in your life, our doctors are here for you.

Chiropractic works best on acute pain. Acute pain is pain that has started in roughly the last 10-14 days. We recommend you call as soon as you have an injury.

Absolutely. We can still help you, but the relief after 1 visit might not be as dramatic. It might take a few treatments for you to notice significant improvement. In these cases, our goal is still to keep your treatment plan as brief as we can. We understand that you have better ways to spend your time and money than attending countless chiropractic visits.

The number one prevention is regular exercise and a healthy diet. If you exercise regularly and eat as healthy as your lifestyle allows, you'll find you won't need to see us as often.

Our goal is to relieve your pain as quickly as we can.

When you are struggling with back pain, neck pain, etc., there are many unanswered questions and concerns that float through your mind. Two of the most common concerns are:

Most injuries that are acute (10-14 days old) respond pretty quickly (1-4 visits). Chronic ones can take a little bit longer, but we do our very best to keep our treatment plans to 6 or less visits. Chiropractic works, and it works quickly. There is no need to waste your time and money on treatments that aren't working.

We have a very simple, "pay as you go" plan that we highly recommend. We do not sell "prepaid" plans, because ideally you will not need a lot of chiropractic care. You can pay with cash, check, credit card, or use a health spending account (HSA for example).

Another way that you can pay is through your health insurance. We take Blue Cross, Medica, Health Partners, Preferred One, and Medicare. Coverage can vary depending on your individual plan. We strongly urge you to have a thorough understanding of your health insurance plan if you choose the health insurance route. If you review your plan and find it confusing, we think you will find the "pay as you go" plan to be simple and straightforward.

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